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Feb 5, 2013

Grand's UPS System!

 UPS, Uninterrupted Power Supply System at Grand!

Have you ever thought about blackout during the surgery? 
If ever so, what would happen to the patient?
Especially in summer, it is more likely to hear about blackout on TV that covers an accident of power out.
That must cause inconvenient of our daily life. But the worse is what if the blackout occurs on the hospital?
Grand equips UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for prevent the hospital from an unexpected blackout.
Imagine when the doctor just about to operate muscle for breast surgery and then all the power just go out. And when the surgeon do liposuction surgery and become suddenly can't see anything else. What a trouble!

Why the UPS is necessary?

When the patient is under general anesthesia and relies he or her respiration on machine, it could be a fatal situation.
Grand furnishes an emergency machines just like big university hospitals have.
Grand is well-known for its huge size and we offer well-balanced safety machine system.
An electricity failure can't be problem!

 Grand is totally safe from a power cut!
There was a tragic accident in China about power cut problem. A blackout occurred during the surgery and the doctors, nurses had to escape leaving the patient alone in general anesthesia condition. The patient end up death.
But, Grand is safe from that kind of misfortune for we have UPS!
Grand thoroughly prepares all the emergency situations. 

Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic - Fully furnish safety system

UPS is a double system that provides sustained power.
It makes following things possible - Lights are always turned up, machines run well and an artificial respiration system operates properly.
We put safety first!

A hospital where you can feel protected!

Safety must come first and the beauty comes!
When you make a decision which hospital you go, make sure that the hospital fully equips safety systems - whether the surgery is done by experts or special anesthetists always reside or not. Don't forget to check the security system!

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